Case Study 3

Case Study 3

After having the Covid-19 vaccine, my husband became very unwell. Prior to the vaccine, he was healthy, walking up to six miles a day. He had annual check-up blood tests but otherwise hadn’t needed to see a doctor in years. A blood test shortly before having the vaccine showed no kidney problems.

Shortly after having the vaccine, his kidneys failed and he was put on dialysis, and the fluid overload caused a heart attack. He was on dialysis for six weeks and, due to the good work of his doctors, they managed to get his kidney function back. He then developed an air leak to his left lung, which collapsed. Attempts to repair the damage were unsuccessful and he was again admitted to hospital for months.

I had to leave my job to look after him and will not qualify for my pension for years. I became aware of the Vaccine Damage Compensation Scheme and completed the necessary forms. I received acknowledgement, and then heard nothing. Eight months later – nothing. I called the number on my acknowledgment letter and understand that our case is still not with the medical team for assessment, and when it does reach them it will be at least another four months.

My husband has lost all his independence. He cannot walk, and has not been able to for over a year and a half. I have to help him bathe, dress and go to the toilet and he needs someone with him whenever he needs to get from room to room.

The Vaccine Damage Compensation Scheme does not appear to be fit for purpose and it seems that whoever is running it is doing nothing.